“….A fleeting glimpse, an image retained, an abstracted form in memory….a moment in colour’’

Originally a traditional oil painter she discovered the value of acrylic and contemporary abstraction after attending an Abstract workshop by mistake. Sixteen years later she is still painting in a contemporary, sometimes abstracted style, relishing the process and amazed (at times) at what she produces.
She uses photographs as a guide through her paintings as well as a reference to places visited. She can be inspired by a shape or a colour, a personal experience or a story related by another and enjoys the challenge of experimenting with new methods and mediums,  often finding a painting will tell her what to do, taking her on a journey with an unknown destination, the process of creating being as important as the finished work .Her love of colour is evident in her finished pieces. Striving for simplicity and freshness, she translates topics and themes into a visual language, bringing her own interpretation to the work. Her palette is purely intuitive, she aims  to capture the essence or spirit of the subject, sometimes in an abstracted way or with a more contemporary feel.

Spending most of her life residing in the St. George and Sutherland Shire of Sydney Australia, she relocated with her partner to Wilmington, North Carolina U.S.A in 2007, working from Acme Art Studio's in Wilmington she participated in  group and solo exhibitions and attended numerous workshops. Gail moved back to Australia in 2010, and now works and lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of N.S.W. Australia

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